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December Newsletter

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Managing Financial Stress During the Holidays

If the holiday shopping season stresses you out, you’re not alone.

Research by financial services company Bankrate revealed that

more than half (54%) of holiday shoppers expect to feel financially
burdened this holiday season as they anticipateoverall high costs.

This month's Live Well, Work Well newsletter, provided by Higginbotham,

includes tips for Managing Financial Stress During the Holidays, Mindful

Holiday Eating suggestions, What Time is the Best Time to Work Out, and a simple and healthy Citrus Chicken recipe.






As a manufacturer, are you facing increased health care costs or looking for a better heal

Holistic Well-Being and Mental Health

Employees are looking for benefits that support overall well-being, prioritizing affordability and customization


Articles and Resources

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health disorders are among the most burdensome health concerns in the United States.  Nearly 1 in 5 US adults age 12 or older reported any mental illness in 2016.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Managers and supervisors are key to creating a healthy work environment and providing the support for employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

7 Strategies to Improve Your Employees' Health and Well-Being

At a time when worker burnout and turnover is a major problem, companies can reduce both by redesigning work in ways that promote employee well-being and health.

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