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Changing Workforce Dynamic

A Statewide Partnership

to Give

Missouri Manufacturers

a Competitive Advantage


Competition to attract and retain talent is fierce.

Most of the labor force is looking at employment and the world differently. Employees want more from their employer than a paycheck.

Strong corporate social responsibility is among the growing incentives to attract talent, enhance job performance, grow skill sets and retain great employees.


Community Engagement as the Differentiator

Corporate citizenship refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society.

Corporate citizenship is proven to be good for employees, good for the organization’s public reputation and good for the community.

The United Way agency serving your region offers a variety of opportunities to strengthen your corporate citizenship by engaging your organization – and your workforce – in the community.

United Way of the Ozarks’ Community Engagement in a Box toolkit as an example of the type of tools and connections United Way agencies can provide to local manufacturers around the state. While other United Way agencies around the state may not provide the actual “toolbox”, some will produce their own customized version of the catalog that is the centerpiece of the box.


Community Engagement in a Box is a physical toolbox United Way is giving to Manufacturers in Missouri. 

They want to help organizational leaders connect the dots between their employees’ community engagement and their ability to:

  • Attract and retain talent.

  • Create a more engaging and healthy organizational culture.

  • Boost their employee loyalty.

  • Help their employees become their best recruiters.

Organizations that do this well will have a consistent competitive advantage.

Want to learn more?

Connect with your local

Missouri United Way

agency to get started.


United Way


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Community Engagement Box

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